Lucky Numer 8 Contest! (contest ended)


It’s that time again, For another Lucky Number contest!

For this one we are going old-school like we used to, All you need to do is use rafflecopter to promote, but to win you need to post what game you want and number between 0-1000, we will randomly generate a number for each game and the closest number for that game wins it!
Contest has now ended, winners are!!!

Eoxie – sleeping dogs
Sharpie – Payday
beardod pyrot – LA Noire
mainakhore-09 – CS:GO
ZombieSandwich – proteus
Digi1 – Need for speed hot pursuit
Daemons – Red faction guerilla
thunderbeast – Terraria

Congratulations, you won in the SteamContests Lucky Number 8 contest!
Have fun.

You have 1 week to redeem your prize or it will be re-rolled.
-Steamgifts have been sent to your rafflecopter emails, Go get em!-

Numbers will be randomly selected after the raffle ends and winners will be chosen based on who got closest for their game!

All prizes are Steam gifts and will be sent out to the winners emails, you have 1 week to redeem or a new winner will be chosen.