Lucky Number contest! 4 more games!!

We have another Lucky number contest for you guys! we have another 4 games up for grabs!

And to win we will draw a random number between 0-1000, if you guess the number exactly you will win all 4 games, if nobody chooses the exact number then the 4 closest numbers will each win one game!

So all you need to do is promote the contest, provide a link to your steam profile and guess your number.

The people with the closest number to the drawn number will win the game they choose, if the game you chose is chosen by someone with a closer number you’ll have to receive one of the other games, so please post what game you want most in order from 1-4


1.  promote, show proof
2.  post a link to your steam profile
3. Choose your number between 0-1000 and list what game you want most from 1-4

Contest ends Thursday, April 4th, 2013