Lucky Number Contest! 4 games.


We have a brand new contest for you guys! For this fabulous contest we have 4 games up for grabs!

And to win we will draw a random number between 0-1000, if you guess the number exactly you will win all 4 games, if nobody chooses the exact number then the 4 closest numbers will each win one game!

So all you need to do is promote the contest, provide a link to your steam profile and guess your number as well as tell us which game out of the 4 you want to win.


1.  promote, show proof
2.  post a link to your steam profile
3. Choose your number between 0-1000 and the game you want to win most out of the 4.

Contest ends Friday, March 22nd, 2013

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I am very lucky and have loads of luck!

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  1. 1. posted on my wall – HERE
    2. My Profile:
    3. 691

  2. 1.
    2. Not quite sure why you need this if the links in our name but here
    3. 314 and Little Inferno

  3. 1. Tweeted on Twitter

    2. Steam Profile

    3. 337

    4. Capsized

  4. 1.
    3. my luck number is 555, i love to try little inferno

    thank you for chance :)

  5. 1. & 2. posted on my wall

    3. 937 – Rayman Origins

  6. And the magic number was!! 413

    Which makes the winners

    Sharpie – 417 – capsized

    wolfkin – 400 – little inferno

    Alshadur – 447 – Rayman Origins

    vr4g – 369 – Legend of Grimrock

    Congratulations to the winners.
    Please add me on steam at

    Send me a message, I’ll verify that you are a winner and send your prize.

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