Lucky number 7 (7 games!)

Hey everyone, we’re doing another Lucky number contest this week with Rafflecopter. This time we have 7 games to giveaway.

And remember you need to comment on the contest and tell us which game you want to win, remember you can only choose one! so choose wisely.

Winners will be randomly selected after the raffle ends!


The drawing is closed and the winners have been randomly selected, Congrats to those that won. The steam game will be steam gifted to your emails. So keep an eye out. To those that did not win, we will have many more opportunities to win!

You have one week to claim your prize or it will be re-rolled.



  1. DavidFCG

    I want The Wolf Among Us!

  2. B2K Pro-niper

    How to Survive!!

  3. josemaster

    Thanks for the chance

  4. Valthero

    I’d like The Wolf Among Us. Cheers, thanks for the chance!

  5. josemaster

    I want “how to survive”

  6. mcclma

    Thanks for the Chance :)

  7. zxlk

    i would like terraria please
    thanks :)

  8. Horade los muertos-j2

    I want The Wolf Among Us

  9. _H-G-D-_ rmr34

    The Wolf Among Us

  10. Plugin No Yuutsu

    How to Survive

  11. SteamUser

    Hi! I really want The Wolf Among Us :D! Telltale Games make the best games ever! Walking Dead made me cry so I’m very sure that I’ll enjoy this one. Thanks again!

  12. shivam121

    the wolf among us :)

  13. PaulBC

    The Wolf Among Us!

  14. UKS ufiaille-

    HOpe To win :)

  15. GAH DonDac

    How to Survive

  16. TytOz

    Terraria D:

  17. DrugMaster

    How to Survive!! a amazing game

  18. Kaylahlaurie

    bridge constructor please! thank you!

  19. c-buckley

    The Wolf Among Us. Thanks

  20. Forro


  21. Aliquis

    I pick Terraria (No I didn’t) for now. Wondered whatever I would buy it or not. I don’t really know the other games so I can’t pick them now. If it’s ok if I switch later that work for me. Had I bought Terraria I guess those would had been my pick.

    I’ll edit the post later if that is all right :)

    Wolves among us looks cool. Is this a trick contest? =P

    140 seem crazy!


    Awesome contest! You tricky bastards! ;D

  22. mattpond

    The wolf among us! Looks like fun :)

  23. Aliquis

    Are these the 7 games which exist and picking an often picked one limit your chances? Or will it be 7 games regardless? From how it’s written I suppose these games are what exist and if such I don’t know whatever I want to go with a popular choice if that limit my chances :)

  24. comet gimm3 m0ar gAmes

    i want terraria!

  25. Aliquis

    The steam contest group one doesn’t say what I should write in the box. It just gives me a box. I picked my Steam user name but since that is what I’m using for writing this as well and it shows the name I’ve picked for my user (aliquis) for others to see maybe I should had used that instead.

    Tricky there too. Too many faults one can go into and if one is enough to lose ..

  26. codnik - twitch-tvcodnik

    Want: The Wolf Among Us. GOTY? GTA V!

  27. NoKillNoGain

    I’ll go for How to Survive!
    Saints Row 4 GOTY! Although i havent played it ._. // Arkham Origins promises awesomeness too!

  28. Wjjsense

    Thanks for the chance.

  29. Lestat

    The wolf amongus

  30. Meep

    The Wolf Among Us. Love the Fables series.

  31. OPTidusInter

    Would love Scribblenauts Unlimited!

  32. m-a_vin

    i pick “How To Survive”, thankyou :)

  33. sebakrm

    The Wolf Among Us ;D

  34. blackmagic

    I like The Wolf Among Us. Thanks!

  35. Nekrux

    Scribblenauts Unlimited.
    I vote for Europa Universallis IV.

  36. SteamUser9

    I think I want How to Survive. For GOTY I vote Europa Universallis IV. Thanks!

  37. NetRock

    I choice Scribblenauts Unlimited thanks


    JUST WANT Scribblenauts Unlimited :DDDD thanks dude :)

  39. Seiking

    How to Survive

  40. KappaIgnos

    i really want The Wolf Among Us, i am a tell a tale games fan =)

  41. MattS

    Wolf among us:) thanks for the chance! :)

  42. Negrex

    I would like Terraria. Thanks for the chance of winning great games

  43. -Bee-

    How to survive.

  44. Dante

    Scribblenauts Unlimited.

  45. alexunder

    The Wolf among Us

  46. Coco

    I want Scribblenauts Unlimited !

  47. -TexWiller-

    The Wolf Among Us

  48. Dwyn

    The Wolf Among Us :D

  49. szunyi


  50. Steven Cojo1

    `wolf among us looks nice

  51. Jack Reno

    The Wolf Among Us – must-have :)

  52. Borsalino

    The Wolf Among Us is my clear favorite :)

  53. Longinus

    I’m a Fables’ fan so… The Wolf Among Us.

  54. SoularoS


  55. mainakhore-09

    I’d like The Wolf Among US

  56. Fragger

    I’m interested in Scribblenauts Unlimited!

    For GotY, I voted for Halo 4! 343 did a great job with it.

  57. Condemor

    I’d like to get how to survive.

  58. Tito

    Scribblenauts Unlimited !

  59. QoelQast -bE @ -Fi

    I just bought Scribblenauts and it’s so much fun! ;P

  60. Kostikyan

    I want The Wolf Among Us!

  61. Drumsfellow

    The Wolf Among Us!

  62. inQ

    The wolf among us :)

  63. sadpaad

    scribblenaut thanks

  64. Raphael Soma

    I’d like to get Terraria, please :3

  65. DeadKiller

    I’m interested in How to Survive :)

  66. Fertal

    I’d like “How to survive” too



    I’d like to get Terraria.:D

  68. yesfull man

    wolfs among us!


  69. celsius

    The Wolf Among Us

  70. Myth

    The wolf amon us. Game of the year is bioshock Infinite

  71. Arukardo

    I would like to win How to Survive. And for GOTY – BioShock Infinite.

  72. Verrac

    I’ll have to go with Terraia, so I could play with my friends.

  73. triplesec0311

    wolf among us, of course

  74. joonior_bmf

    How To Survive please

  75. SteamUser12

    I prefer Terraria

  76. michalslanina1

    How to Survive :-)

  77. Doctor Citrus

    I would have How to Survive since I’ve been looking for a really good and legit zombie-survival game that is also affordable, something like State of Decay (albeit without a gamepad)

    My vote for this year’s Game of the Year has got to be Grand Theft Auto V… Who doesn’t think it’s absolutely amazing??

  78. Spiricore

    I’m really excited about The Wolf Among Us!

  79. Junable

    How to Survive!

  80. kiradox

    I want The Wolf Among Us!=)

  81. Ristk

    want the wolf among us

  82. Dunther

    The Wolf Among Us! I would be surprised if anyone choose something else.
    Anyway, my GOTY is Retro/Grade for now.

  83. sey4eto

    I choose Bridge constructor, its a nice simulator game.

  84. ari-linuxgaming

    The Wolf Among Us.

  85. Thomas

    The Wolf Among Us! =]

  86. Andee

    bad hotel!

  87. Valko

    How to Survive, thanks guys!

  88. oreoftw

    The Wolf Amoung Us ! Thank you for the opportunity :D

  89. Darkness

    How to survive

  90. oupi

    Wolf Among Us

  91. lescasterstratopaul

    The Wolf Among Us! Thank you!

  92. phenixjaco

    !!!!!!!– 140 –!!!!!!!!!

  93. Sorapak

    How to survive! Thank you!

    As for my vote: From what I’ve heard,Grand theft auto v or bioshock infinite :P

  94. Yosshi

    How to Survive! please!
    Game of the year is probably gonna be GTA V.

  95. LJ

    I want Scribblenauts Unlimited, thank you for the chance :)

  96. BRuNo


  97. Jyuki

    Terraria :)

  98. KappaXarlok


  99. L2P Lyyn-

    I would like to win Terraria :3 Thanks for the contest!

  100. mariano_ag

    The wolf among us. Thanks.

  101. Al3xXx ENG

    The wolf among us or Terraria.

  102. James2

    How to survive, thanks for the chance!

  103. Drerhu

    I would love Scribblenauts…need to make a world full of craziness :3

  104. Bobthejeffmonkey

    I’d like “The Wolf Among Us”

  105. Rusko

    A Wolf Among Us

  106. xXKaizerGzXx

    I want terraria :B, thx

  107. Aozaki Aoko

    Would love to get The Wolf Among Us

  108. ss Villager

    I would like to win The Wolf Among Us or Scribblenauts Unlimited


    Terraria seems awesome, tried it out on console, seems better on pc though! :)

  110. Aegis

    would love Wolf Amongs Us!

  111. Mougevit

    Wolf Among Us, Wolf Among Us, Wolf Among Us

  112. icezebra

    wolf among us

  113. Erigyna

    I want to know…..
    ‘How to survive’

  114. Kaptajnen

    How to survive! Thanks for the chance!

  115. WiperWoper

    The Wolf Among Us, thank you.

  116. Luan Couto

    The Wolf Among Us – I love telltale games, and from the walkthroughs I’ve watched this game is amazing

  117. BOOP Procrastinating1

    Bridge Constructor thanks :)

    My vote for this years GOTY, has to be Grand Theft Auto 5.

  118. Skimminok

    I want “how to survive”

  119. Namine

    Would love The Wolf Among Us :)

  120. Janusz Andrzej

    Geben mir das Wolf Among Us! Please?

  121. Rhonin the wizard

    Scribblenauts Unlimited

  122. flashStroke

    “The Wolf Among Us” would be great! Thanks!

  123. SilentBugler

    I’d like The Wolf Among Us, thank you!

  124. KeviNOlighT

    The Wolf Among Us!

  125. Extinox

    If I’d somehow win, I’d like to receive The Wolf Among Us :)

    1. Extinox

      Since I cannot edit, gonna reply to my original comment ;)

      If I’d somehow win, I’d like to receive The Wolf Among Us :)
      And my personal GOTY would be not yet released Hearthstone ;>

  126. PhelipBrn

    I would win anyone. Good Luck To All ! :)

  127. Elior

    I want “The Wolf Among Us”

  128. triock1

    Scribblenauts Unlimited, thank you

  129. Ako

    The Wolf Among Us :) And Gone Home GOTY!

  130. Ricardo-Stryki

    I want Scribblenauts Unlimited

  131. midang81 air Jang

    i want bad hotel!!!!

  132. RRBalboa

    Scribblenauts Unlimited

  133. Ali Meguenni

    I’ve voted for Hotline Miami
    and i choose How to survive.


  134. VENOM

    I want The Wolf Among Us!

  135. Gen Genz

    The Wolf Among Us. Thanks :)

  136. J.F. Ballz

    I’d love The Wolf Among Us! Thank you!

  137. rodown

    i would like : Scribblenauts Unlimited.

    for me the best GOTY is something between dishonored and bioshock :c

  138. VENOM

    I want The Wolf Among Us!7

  139. Ricardo-Stryki

    I want Scribblenauts Unlimited please. :D :P

  140. Ahkren

    The Wolf Among Us

    GOTY: Bioshock: Infinite

  141. zekainhuman


  142. Sj316

    I would like to win The Wolf Among Us.

    And I have voted for BioShock Infinite

  143. Raptor

    I’d like The Wolf Among Us. Thnx :-)

  144. MCKiller308

    I’d like The Wolf Among Us cause Telltale games rule!:) Thanks for chance:)

  145. Angel.9 Rakou Cobra

    I’d like The Wolf Among Us, and my GOTY vote goes to Saints Row IV. Thanks!

  146. Suits

    The Wolf Among us. It sounds even better than TWD

  147. Fuser

    How to survive ;)

  148. GamerzCentral100


  149. Jstar269

    I would love the Wolf Amoung Us, I hear it is an amazing game.

  150. Pek1

    The Wolf Among Us would be great if i win :D

  151. Dj inblood123

    hmm wolf amoung us :D
    Thanks alot and good luck everyone ;D

  152. cristian2677

    The Wolf Among Us!

  153. ranzmich

    I would like to win The Wolf Among Us. My game of the year would be Bio Shock Infinite.

  154. savage

    The Wolf Among Us

  155. Macros T- Black

    Scribblenauts would be nice!

  156. Lexen

    I won’t be original – “The Wolf Among Us”. “Telltale” knows how to put up a good story.

  157. Trungel

    The Wolf Among Us.

  158. Scarface

    The Wolf Among Us

  159. Arimajeen

    I would love How to Survive :D thanks!!

  160. Jeros

    Terraria. Good luck.

  161. TRCXR

    I wish I win Terraria this time

  162. Mairlae

    Wolf among us <3

  163. TheRealDeal

    Wolf Among Us please!

  164. nomadbr

    wolf and survive @.@

  165. Wyzau

    i’d like the wolf among us :)

  166. King Arthur

    I want Scribblenauts Unlimited.

  167. jrManiac

    The Wolf Among Us

  168. NaruEmi3000

    i would like terraria, thx :D

  169. Christal


  170. Fkitty

    wolf :)

  171. Jagusonek

    The Wolf Among Us

  172. r0ma

    the wolf among us

  173. dymoblade

    Wolf Among Us, thanks!

  174. Jaay Dee

    I would like How To Survive

  175. rob_silver_dante1995

    the wolf among us! thanks for the chance :D

  176. Proxy

    i would like Bridge Constructor please :) and you guys rock

  177. LVIgor

    Hi guys !
    Personally, I would like to win an adventure Scribblenauts Unlimited 
    The game is very interesting to understand it enough to read the story of adventure heroes of the game on the Steam store page

  178. Bun87

    I’d like to win Bad Hotel.

  179. nrgzR

    I would like Scriblenauts, thanks for doing this!

  180. SavageDrums

    My roommate runs a Terraria server, I think I’d pick that one to join up with him!

  181. Craftlord Dark

    I would like Wolf Among us D: Thanks for the giveaway D:

  182. Chiefy

    The Wolf Among Us :D

  183. Chiefy

    Oh and I think GTA V will get GOTY!

  184. Aspartam

    hello, I’d like to have The Wolf Among Us. thank you

  185. Spy WhipCream

    How to Survive!!

  186. Talon2Claw

    Scribblenauts Unlimited

  187. EvilBrett

    How To Survive, please!

    Game pick of the year – Contagion.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity :)

  188. EvilHunterrr

    thanks for chance

  189. Teron

    I pick How to survive

    Game of the year ? Far cry 3 enuf said

  190. zaibas1

    the wolf among us
    and goty pick gta5

  191. Gang Warily

    How to survive would be a great prize! Thank you!

  192. poczta

    The Wolf Among Us

  193. Kienan


    I’d love a shot at How to Survive, thanks! :D

  194. maniac LwGHMafia II

    I want The Wolf Among Us!

  195. the Blind One

    How to survive! Thanks for the chance :)

  196. CARLEST

    I would love to get Terraria.

  197. Sir Leo

    The Wolf Among Us PLEASE!

  198. kerepek_man

    I would like ‘The Wolf Among Us’ please.

  199. patrinkoSK

    thanks for chance

  200. Lookie

    Scribblenauts Unlimited

  201. Oksymoron

    Thanks for the giveaway. I think The Wolf Among Us and How to survive are the best games here :)

  202. cyber_flame

    I want “The Wolf Among Us” and my Vote also for this game for the Game of the Year.

  203. Oizo

    I would like Scribblenauts

  204. edvvardchan

    Super love Scribblenauts Unlimited! Cute
    But if I am the late winner, I ok with other games.

  205. Ns fede47833 Spanglish

    I really want to have The Wolf Among Us, Scribblenauts Unlimited and How To Survive.

  206. AiRODiNAMiC

    Scribblenauts Unlimited

  207. Gin

    I want Bridge Constructor

  208. Maikeru

    i want Terraria :D

  209. adleen

    Scribblenauts pls. Thx :)

  210. Icole

    I vote for Terraria. Game of the year? The Last of Us.

  211. Meduka Meguca

    Bridge Constructor

  212. Uvatar

    The Wolf Among Us! Telltale Games really knows how to make an adventure game.

  213. LuxioTheGamer

    OMG! The Wolf Among Us! it would be so awesome to win that o.o
    LOL this is gonna be fun seeing who gets it (hope its me :PPP)

  214. Ali

    I want The Wolf Among Us!

  215. SasakrCZ

    I’d like to win The Wolf Among Us.

  216. Ns fede47833 Spanglish

    Scribblenauts Unlimited

  217. Ns fede47833 Spanglish

    And The Wolf Among Us ;D

  218. Roadrippah - Layers of the Web

    The wolf among us! :D

  219. LaFleur

    Hi,i want Terraria an thanks alot for this awsome contest, GOOD LUCK ALL!! :D

  220. Maksiu

    Game to win: How to Survive
    Game of the Year: The Last of Us

  221. AR Krivi


  222. Cpt- Morgen

    I’d love to play “the wolf among us”

  223. juhaszandor

    The Wolf Among Us

  224. anonynamja

    Wolf among us

  225. your mom

    The Wolf Among Us!

  226. DanKnee

    The Wolf Among Us, thanks!

  227. Digi

    The Wolf Among Us or Bridge Constructor :}

    And I voted Bioshock Infinite as game of the year.

  228. Flash

    Thanks. I would like How to Survive.

  229. Xabax

    How to survive seems REALLY enjoyable, so I’m going to go with it!
    Thanks a lot.

  230. Sinew

    I’d love The Wolf Among Us. My choice for goty is Half life 3. Just kidding, GTA V :P

  231. rced1

    Terraria! Thanks

  232. Tirnaz

    How To Surivive would be a good game to win!

    And GOTY? Battlefield 4!

    1. Tirnaz


  233. Karg

    Thanks for the chance. How to survive.

  234. Gilby

    How to Survive, though every game is tempting.

  235. Gilby

    GOTY is The Cat Lady.

  236. BlackH

    i want wolf among us.

  237. Ns fede47833 Spanglish


  238. nadenitza

    The wolf among us!

  239. Khune

    How to Survive! And GTA V is my GOTY.

  240. Klumb3r


  241. Misskpavd

    Terraria please :3

  242. Incredipede

    I would like to win “The Wolf Amung Us”. :-)

  243. Stark

    Definitely The Wolf Among Us! Please! That game seems really awesome! :D

  244. Sir- Ramy Kamel

    How to survive!!

  245. Dookie

    I would like Wolf among us ^_^

  246. anjil1234


  247. Vamana

    i want scribble

  248. uchristensen

    I’d like to win The Wolf Among Us.

  249. Destar

    140 woo!

  250. Szczpiorek PL

    The Wolf Among Us

  251. smokekills

    I want The Wolf Among Us!

  252. Aloha Hawaii

    I would love to receive Terraria :)

  253. 7Vulcan71

    Bad Hotel! thx for all giveaway! :)

    1. 7Vulcan71

      7 it’s may preferred number…I hope to win this time :)

      1. 7Vulcan71

        edit: my not may :P

    2. 7Vulcan71

      7 it’s my preferred number…I hope to win this time :)

  254. RandyRanzack

    Terraria please!!!

  255. Dabu

    i really want wolf among us :D

  256. Falco

    Bad Hotel for me. I voted Tomb Raider wooo!

  257. Davey

    I would love to win The wolf among us, and I vote Tomb raider as game of the year!

  258. Xasion

    How to survive, but anything would be great . ;)

  259. .:Lucky:.™ (Post author)

    The drawing is closed and the winners have been randomly selected, Congrats to those that won. The steam game will be steam gifted to your emails. So keep an eye out. To those that did not win, we will have many more opportunities to win!

    You have one week to claim your prize or it will be re-rolled.

  260. istenszek

    I’d like one among them, i don’t mind which; i really like them all. damn it.

  261. Menttosko

    Thanks for chance :)

  262. Gohays Mask

    Terrariaa :(

  263. Sabbir Ahmed

    Rust :)

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