Lucky Number 10 (Contest Ended)


It’s that time again folks! the time for another Lucky contest.

We have 11 wonderful steam games to give away, All you need to do is enter via raffle copter, and remember you need to post which game you want and you can only choose one!
Also let us know why that’s the game you want most.

Once again, Good luck to everyone. There will be many entries but hopefully luck is on your side!

The drawing is closed and the winners have been randomly selected, Congrats to those that won. The steam game will be steam gifted to your emails. So keep an eye out. To those that did not win, we will have many more opportunities to win!

You have one week to claim your prize or it will be re-rolled.


  1. DavidFCG

    I want Left 4 Dead 2 so i can play with my friends!

  2. midang81 air Jang

    i want Chivalry !!!!!!

    really multi play very good!!!!!

  3. louiedog

    Batman Arkham City because I loved the first and haven’t gotten to play it yet.

  4. MarcusRespawn

    The Walking Dead S2 :D

  5. Empyyyyyyyyyyy --

    I wanted Batman ARkham City, the best game

  6. Antarael Dulacre

    Would be very happy about The Walkging Dead Season 2 =) The first Season (and 400 Days) was great and I’d like to continue the story =)

  7. Empyyyyyyyyyyy --

    I Wanted Barman ARkham City, I’m play this game in PS2, but i never Finishid, so would be able to finish :D

  8. feelingz

    i would love the walking dead season 2, awesome game, and i finished the wolf among us also, need new telltale stuff :) and zooooooombies

  9. S_O_M_B

    The first season of The Walking Dead was one of the best stories I’ve ever played. I haven’t had a game affect me in the way TWD did in a long long time, I even cried at the end! I’d love to have the second season to experience those emotions all over again.

  10. Ezio

    Brothers! So i dont have to pay for it :D

  11. miguel_2010

    I want to win

  12. Valshe


  13. atiffarrukh

    I would like to have “The walking dead: season 2″ Thanks.

  14. EvoryStrant

    Would love to have The Walking Dead Season 2, I’ve watched the show, read the books, and played all the games

  15. Canornr

    I want dead island because my friends recommend

  16. Dabu

    i want walking dead season 2

  17. ant95

    i want left4dead 2 because is one of my favorite zombie games

  18. qweqwe

    i want Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition :)

  19. Doctor Denial

    All of them look like great games but I’d really to have to Batman: Arkham City. I played the first game on my 360 but I really enjoy playing on PC and I’d love to play the next installment of the series.

  20. nfscelep

    left 4 dead 2 <3

  21. GravityDead

    I want “Chivarly Medieval Warfare” game because I really like swords and gives me a ‘game of thrones’ feeling :D

  22. NetRock

    The Walking Dead Season 2, played The Walking Dead and 400 days, and carfted level 2 badge. hoped that will have trading cards~

  23. phybax

    Left 4 Dead 2

  24. josemaster

    Thanks for the chance dude! I hope to win :D
    You´re very generous

  25. josemaster

    I want “Dead Island: Riptide”

  26. Kovaelin

    Left 4 Dead 2 is a game I see people still playing quite a bit. I haven’t played the first one, but I hear that you don’t really need to in order to play the second. It would be great to see what all the hype is about.

  27. Beeps -Ski BPS

    Yo! I would like “Dead Island: Riptide” please, ’cause I want to play with Rap Rat, and he’s the boss!!!

  28. Prosecutor Lurkernihilo-satanis

    Chivalry Medieval Warfare

  29. edvvardchan

    Dead Island Riptide, try a new genres!

  30. shivam121

    would love to have the walking dead: season 2

  31. -Bee-

    Dead Island: Riptide !

  32. rife

    The Walking Dead: Season 2

  33. Craftlord Dark

    Walking Dead Season Two, because i love a lot TWD series and i want to know what new things happens in this new adventure for Clementine D:

  34. SteamUser9

    Arkham City please!

  35. SteamUser9

    cus i want to try out a new series and Batman seems really good :D

  36. Mr-Annoying

    Walking dead 2…

  37. Oj

    Walking Dead Season 2. Huge Walking Dead fan. Absolutely loved the first season!

  38. Ashfaque

    I want Batman Arkham city or Left 4 Dead 2 !!! Thank U for the Giveaway! Wanna enjoy this giveaway and hope I win some goodies!!!

    Hope I get them soon coz, they are one of my favourite games and i really hope to play those games in MP for the near future!!!!!!

  39. juhaszandor

    I would like that Arkham Asylum GOTY :)

  40. webart999


  41. Rhonin the wizard

    Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

  42. NSANE

    Walking Dead Season 2 =)

  43. joonior_bmf

    Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition

  44. mainakhore-09

    Batman Arkham City Please!

  45. Lyyn

    I would like to win Chivalry. Thanks for the contest!

  46. finix666

    Dead Island: Riptide
    Recently finished the first.
    Time to take a swing at the second one.

  47. Wjjsense1

    The Walking Dead Season 2! I just finished Season 1 and I want to know the follow-up stories of Clementine!

  48. TheCyberDruid

    I’d like to get Batman Arkham City if I win.

  49. the Blind One

    I want Walking Dead Season 2!! :)

  50. szunyi

    LEFT 4 DEAD 2

  51. mcclma

    Can I have Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition please (with sprinkles on top).

  52. CrypticOrchid

    I would love to win Brothers. The backgrounds look awesome and the single player co-op seems like an interesting concept.

  53. Haters Gonna Hate Brah

    I would love to have the second season of The Walking Dead, as I have the first one (and it’s almost beaten) i would love to continue to play the franchise.

  54. PLMS

    walking dead 2 maybe?

  55. QoelQast -bE @ -Fi

    The Walking Dead S2 would be great!

  56. Red Scar88

    Batman: Arkham City finally with all the dlc *_*

  57. cyber_flame

    First of all many many thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    I want Batman Arkham Asylum “Game of the Year Edition”.

    I like this game very very much. Need this game to add in my inventory.
    Hope to win this time.

  58. sadpaad

    Batman Arkham City will be very awesome!

  59. Narukami Yuuki

    I want Left 4 Dead 2 :D Killing zombies with another player must be so cool!

  60. Xabax

    I REEEALLLY want Dead Island! Why? Because I love anything with zombies and DI has been in my wishlist forever!!

  61. Digi

    If I win I’d want The Walking Dead Season 2 :}


    I want Left 4 Dead 2 so i can play with my friends!

  63. Yerz

    Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY.
    I want to be like BATMAN!

  64. Geokiren

    I really want Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, because i think its the indie game of the year…!!!

  65. Vaule

    Brothers: A tale of two sons

  66. worf

    I’d like Batman Arkham City because I’ve been a Batman fan for the longest time

  67. DeNiZ

    I want Brothers, really interesting game ^^!
    Seems my type of casual puzzle adventure game.

  68. jomarcenter

    Want : MacGuffin’s Curse

  69. Bricion

    Batman Arkham City

  70. Fire.Ace

    I want Left 4 Dead 2 beacuse i am Imba fan of LFD series
    and i want to play wit my friends other player
    nice game , too many features and Zombie :)

  71. Kowal1221

    I want Chivarly, because i want to play this game since free weekend. I play it twice and i really want it to play again, but i have neither money nor luck in giveaways.

  72. typingcow

    brothers please i really want that game :)

  73. hnz

    Walking Dead Season 2!

  74. Hijofruta

    Hmmm, I choose The Walking Dead 2nd Season.
    I was thinking in Dead Island Riptide or Dead Island (for playing online with my girl) but… I want to know what’s happening with Clementine.

  75. kiradox

    *-* i want The Walking Dead Season 2 please

  76. samwtsavoie

    Dead Island Riptide. because i like the first one

  77. nrgzR

    I want Brothers because reviews are saying the game has awesome story and playing it its amazing experience.

  78. kiradox

    *-* i want The Walking Dead Season 2 please because i realy like the game and its story line was so amazing that i want to play season 2

  79. Whandson Tio de Gamers

    The Walking Dead

  80. el_tumy_33

    I want Batman: Arkham City GOTY!

  81. tAnt0

    I want Dead Island Riptide because I played the first one and enjoyed it very much.

  82. ZAN0ZA

    I want Batman Arkham Asylum “Game of the Year Edition”.

  83. Mateo

    Chivalry Medieval Warfare, please. :)

  84. Serpher

    The Walking Dead Season 2, first season was awesome.

  85. Goodcat49

    I want Dead Island Riptide

  86. Dunther

    The Walking Dead Season 2, that’s a no brainer. Brothers should be awesome but since TWDS2 is part of series that I already started…yeah.

  87. Foosilator

    The Walking Dead Season 2.

    Can I get the first as well?

  88. jrManiac

    Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons – amazing game

  89. wetbottom

    Dead Island Riptide

    I love action RPGs and already have the first one from a bundle.

  90. flashStroke

    Dead Island Riptide – finished the first one, so I want to continue the story.

  91. istenszek

    Left 4 Dead 2. Daaaaaaamn. Totally want it. As I’ve listened to on youtube Mike Patton did an incredible job by doing the special infected voices. That’s my choice.

  92. flash_cipri

    Dead Island Riptide, i really like Dead Island

  93. LaFleur

    I want Chivalary:d thank you very much for this contest!! LOVE THIS SITE!! RESPECT!!!

  94. maniac LwGHMafia II

    Deadisland Good Game

  95. dhani-van-halen

    I want Batman Arkham City, because i love the batman series. and i want to have all original game of this series instead of the pirated version.


  96. Lyraull

    ARkham City

  97. Fragger

    I’m in for Dead Island: Riptide! I actually found the first game to be pretty fun, and I enjoyed playing through it co-op with my brother. I’d definitely have a lot of fun with this one as well!

  98. Bela a kiralykobra

    I want Left4Dead 2,because my friend have this game and we can play this together.

  99. DD Magical Zebra

    Brothers would be awesome!

  100. Rusko

    The walkind dead season 2

  101. Alshadur

    Hey, thank you very much for this raffle!

    I really want the game Brothers: A tale of two sons, because I love story-driven games and this game in particular has a great gameplay mechanic, too, where you control both of the brothers at the same time by using either one of the control sticks on a gamepad.

  102. Gilby

    I’m in for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Thanks.

  103. imatemu

    I really want “Batman Arkham City GOTY” ’cause I can’t afford it :D

  104. MattS

    Im in for The walking dead S2 :)
    thanks for the chance:)

  105. Mohawk

    I want The Walking Dead S2 because i love previous season and i want know, how control Clementine (shoot etc. XD)

  106. Lestat

    Dead Island Riptide

  107. Gang Warily

    I want Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition, because it seems to be a good game and the other games listed that I would like, too, I already have! :P

    1. Gang Warily

      Can I change my choice? I just got Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY, so It wouldn’t be fair to have it if I win!
      So, now I would like Chivalry Medieval Warfare, because it seems to be great (and I already have the batmans, L4D2 and Riptide).

  108. Ezra

    Left 4 Dead 2

  109. zoombi-89

    I want The Walking Dead Season2! (or Left4Dead 2 or Riptide)

  110. SiltyDoubloon8

    i want Walking Dead Season 2 because I’ve already played the Season 1 on steam and I’m dying to play Season 2 but don’t have enough money to buy it :(

  111. Gwonam Mountnigga

    The Walking Dead season 2! I loved the first one, and so i really want to try the second one! Thanks for the chance :)

  112. skystarlit

    I would LOVE The Walking Dead Season Two!

    The reason being I have been a fan of the Walking Dead sense it was just a little comic, picked up at a table at Comic Con from some unknown person at a lonely little table…

    Now us fans have the HUGE comic series, the TV series, and best of all the video games! I played Season 1 & 400 days till I saw every possible outcome… and I am SO doing it again with Season 2!

  113. Alex Koti

    Brothers!!! :D

  114. Katsushiro Nakamura

    I want the “dead island Riptide” to continue the saga with my friends

  115. Stormageddon

    I really want The Walking Dead S2!

    Playing the first game was the most touching gaming experience I ever had,
    it is truly impossible to play it without creating a bond with the characters and you feel as if you are amidst them.

  116. KnightMarian

    The Walking Dead S2

  117. CikA StonE

    batman Arkham Asilum would be greattt thank you :)

  118. Steven Cojo1

    either s2 of twd, either the batman pack :)

    1. Steven Cojo1

      why? because I am like charlie sheen…always winning :D

  119. comet gimm3 m0ar gAmes

    i want brothers!!!! :”D

  120. Chrono Pendragon

    I want l4d to play with my friends and get all the achievements

  121. toupenator

    Walking Dead Season 2!!!!!

  122. dardoUS

    thanks for the chance!!

  123. thunderbeast

    I really want to win for “the Walking Dead S2″.
    I must protect my little girl Clementine!!

  124. Nerok999

    I want Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. Thx!!

  125. curtis206

    arkham city

  126. cheeyong-hsia

    The Walking Dead Season 2 would be awesome to win! Thank you.

    1. cheeyong-hsia

      Because I care about Clementine

  127. SasakrCZ

    I’d like to win Dead Island. Although I am not into RPGs, I like zombie games. I already have L4D2 and it is nonsense to play Riptide first. So I want the first Dead Island :-)

  128. Robert

    I want Chivalry Medieval Warfare, because I tried it on a free Weekend and I love it!

  129. JPA

    I’d like The Welking Dead season 2 to continue that great story.

  130. Borsalino

    I’d like Dead Island Riptide because I love slashing zombies and Dead Rising is not on the list so… :)

  131. daniel19max

    I must win Riptide ;) Thx

  132. oreoftw

    i want Batman Arkham City so i can play in my batcave !

  133. DARKKi

    I would like Walking Dead Season Two because i just bought season one :)

  134. triplesec0311

    I would like to win Batman Arkham City! Thanks!

  135. quiky

    Dead Island Riptide

  136. -b0Ni

    i want The Walking Dead Season 2 :)

  137. Namine

    Would love The Walking Dead Season 2 :D

  138. kerepek_man

    I like to win The Walking Dead: Season Two ^^

  139. The Entire Population of Africa

    I want to win Chivalry because I already have it on my computer when it was free plus I really like the game as a whole.

  140. Mr-Garu

    I REALLY want The Walking Dead Season 2 Please :D

  141. Roadrippah - Layers of the Web

    I’d like to win the walking dead season 2 :D

  142. Mougevit

    I Wanna Brothers

  143. Teron

    walking dead season 2

    want to know what the hell happen with clementine and others survivor

  144. CeeGix

    WALKING DEAD S2! !!!!!

  145. Sectoid

    I want Brothers!!! This game’s looks fantastic and got a great score from user reviews everywhere. What I most like in games is a good interactive story and this one seems to deliver just that! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  146. danigt-acid

    The Walking Dead: Season 2

  147. CeeGix


  148. The Annihilator

    Id like to win Walking Dead: Season Two… Who doesnt like good Telltale adventure :)

  149. superman1183

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons please! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. superman1183

      I’m sorry for the double post, but I forgot o leave a reason. It looks like a great game to play with my brother, who is 8. The game is inspirational and well-designed, and would be lots of fun to experience with him.

  150. Bun87

    I’d like to win Batman Arkham City because I don’t own it and never play it before.

  151. Luan Couto

    The Walking Dead Season 2 :)

    Thanks for this giveaway

  152. J.F. Ballz

    I want The Walking Dead!!

  153. Aozaki Aoko

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    Seen a bunch of Youtubers play it and always thought it looked like fun and then a while back I got to play it during a free weekend and had a blast with it, unfortunately with no money to spare I haven’t been able to buy it.

  154. Lookie

    Left 4 Dead 2, so I can play with my friends and I love zombies.

  155. ThisSatanikLove

    The Walking Dead Season Two

  156. oupi

    The Walking Dead S2

  157. t0n41

    Thanks for the chance!! ; )
    Good Luck to everyone
    Everyone Believes in Luck!
    I want “Dead Island: Riptide”

  158. mariano_ag1

    The Walking Dead Season 2

  159. Jokin93

    I would love The Walking Dead Season Two. I have absolutely loved the first season and the next one can’t be a disappointment.

  160. Len Zombiner

    I want Dead Island riptide or L4D2 to gift to my friends :)

  161. jiom

    Walking Dead season 2, because it’s the best adventure:)

  162. BoXeR

    Would love to win Walking Dead Season 2.

  163. TheGuyOnMyPC

    While L4D2, Brothers, and Arkham City are all on my wishlist, I really, really want to win The Walking Dead: Season 2 and experience the more of Clementine’s story of survival after the zombie apocalypse.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. PaulBC

    The Walking Dead Season 2, cause Clementine is the best and I want to know what happens next!

  165. Felix78


  166. Christal

    Walking Dead Season 2

  167. Angel.9 Rakou Cobra

    I’d like Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity, please. :) I’d heard good things about the series and would love to jump in and try it too. And I’ve had an itch for strategy games lately. Thanks!

  168. Drabit1

    Waking dead season 2!

  169. K-Boom

    I want The Walking Dead Season Two :)

  170. GetDucky

    Thank you for your generosity! I would love chivalry because my brother has it and it looks bad-ass!

  171. raptorcommander

    TWD season 2

  172. 7Vulcan71

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Thx for giveaway!

    1. 7Vulcan71

      OOOps Error for me! I want Dead Island :D

  173. Shungbat

    Dead Island Riptide

  174. Bobthejeffmonkey

    I’d like Brothers

  175. GLBro_Army

    I would like Left 4 Dead 2, because i like zombie survival and i like play with Massive co-op until 24 players in 1 server.

  176. ari-linuxgaming

    Left 4 Dead 2 please, I want to add my Linux games collection. Thanks.

  177. Meduka Meguca

    The Walking Dead Season 2. I like to play the first series and glad to know there will be season 2 going on.

  178. ToMiaL

    I’d like Brothers. I want to try it out, everybody says it’s pretty cool :3

  179. maxlef

    It’s kinda hard to choose but my choice stop on Dead Island Riptide :) THANKS :)

  180. RusFerox

    I want Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition)
    Thanks for the chance anyway :)

  181. Xasion

    I would like Walking Dead S2 or Dead Island

  182. ricardontc

    I would love The Walking Dead Season 2. :D

  183. zaibas

    i’d like the walking dead season 2

  184. Falco

    Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. Immersive story, suggestive sounds and original game.

  185. Srredfire

    I’d love Walking Dead Season 2, so I can see what happens next!

  186. Meep

    The Walking Dead season two, absolutely. The storytelling was strong in the first 5 chapters and I would love to know what will happen to Clementine. <3

  187. alexunder

    Batman: Arkham City – GotY Edition or Left 4 Dead 2

  188. Mojda

    I want Left4Dead2 because I will play with friends

  189. Fuser

    Walking Dead Season 2 =)

  190. psydex

    OMG i can’t wait to see what happends with Clementine. I’d love Walking Dead Season 2

  191. _gordon

    Dead Island Riptide!

    Let’s kill some zombies… agrrrrrr

  192. Seiking

    Batman ARkham City \\(º0º)//

  193. Un Usuario

    batman *-*

  194. alekseus45

    Walking Dead Season 2 very cool game!

  195. Condemor

    Walking Dead 2 :)

  196. Extinox

    If I’d win, I’d like to receive The Walking Dead: Season 2!
    Just recently finished Season One and 400 Days DLC and IT’S AMAZING. Loved the story telling, art style, everything! Curious to see how the story of Clementine will continue, as well as the story of the 6 survivors from 400 Days DLC.

  197. limathompson

    Brothers – A tale of two sons.

    I love adventure indie games, especially with beatiful story and well made characters.

  198. Gralhom

    The walking dead, i want to know what happen to the girl

  199. adleen

    Thanks, I’d be fine with anything.

  200. Nao Sei Jogar

    Nice I want Dead Island!!

  201. Seishiro

    I love this games!

  202. madusseus

    Brothers =)

  203. Demi DEAD END

    i would live to get Chivalary

  204. Mr-Break

    I want to win one of this games!

  205. Thomas

    I want the Walking Dead: Season 2. The reason why is because I just bought the first one and became tottaly addicted to it, the story and art are simply amazing! So i want the season 2 so I don’t miss any part of the story.

  206. Horror Fes

    I want Left 4 Dead 2<3

  207. franqov

    I want Left 4 Dead 2

  208. kaltric

    Walking Dead 2
    I liked Part 1 and already have some of the other games

  209. Madsy

    Dead island Riptide ^^

  210. VladimirM

    I want The Walking Dead Season 2 , i hate deadmans

  211. Dyziom

    I want The Walking Dead seson 2

  212. Wyzau

    I’d like to win Walking Dead 2 – absolutely loved the first episodes

  213. Maikeru

    I want Batman Arkham Asylum

    1. Maikeru

      however i want Batman Arkham CITY

  214. minan

    Walking Dead Season 2

  215. jbondguy007

    Dead Island Riptide.

    Because I really want a zombie killing game. but also because L4D2 is mostly multiplayer, I don’t have much friends on Steam, and they don’t play this game.

    As for Dead Island, it’s older than Riptide, so it’s probably not as great. :P

    Thank you very much for the giveaway! ^_^

  216. Icarus

    I want The Walking dead because i need to know what happens to Clementine.

  217. CuteFluffyBunny

    Walking Dead Season 2. I have Season 1 and 400 Days DLC. Great game!

  218. Grumpy Cat

    I want Dead Island !!! The best zombie game ever <3

  219. dremlin1987

    i want Brothers!

  220. Ginger Squid

    Tough to choose between Riptide and Walking Dead S2. i played the previous games and enjoyed both!

    Anything with zombies!

  221. ToxicCosmos

    I’d love to get Left for Dead 2! Many of my friends have it and I’d love to be able to play with them. Also, zombies. What more do I need to say? :D

  222. Sorapak

    Walking dead season 2! Heard 1 was great so I guess 2 will too! :D

  223. jbaskin

    I’d love Sins of a Solar Empire as it looks super cool and my brother has a copy so it would be fun to play with him.

  224. Yakyza Delta

    Dead Island Riptide

  225. Mairlae


  226. Ali1

    i want L4D2

  227. -T3rm0-

    “Left 4 Dead 2″
    I love Horror Games especially if you can play them together and since my friends got it and dont play L4D1 with me anymore, i would like to get it =(

    (shouldnt look at my english…thats way more Horror then any Game xD)

  228. DonNiel

    BatMan Arkham City!

  229. fofo2089

    Left 4 dead 2
    you got it, i want it (8).. lol

  230. SS _

    Dead Island or Left 4 Dead 2 :)

  231. Maxyz

    I wanna have The Walking Dead Season Two, because I Love the first Season and I have at the moment no money for new games :/

  232. elDaniel

    Left 4 Dead 2
    cause i wanna play with my friends

  233. EMIYA

    Arkham Asylum

  234. LIFe 4 ChaNge

    TWD2 !

  235. Back2Basics-

    I would love to win dead island riptide as I played the first part and loved it :)

  236. Meggara

    Oi.I want TWD Season 2. I want I want I want so muuuch!!! Gonna start my prayer… Starting to pray in 3… 2… 1!!

  237. DanKnee

    Chivalry, thanks!

  238. ScarecroOw

    thanks for the opportunity :D i would like the walking dead season two

  239. Mustang 3

    Chivalry!, good game to play with friends, and I like the medieval.

  240. cristinacke28

    I would like to choose Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, because not many people want it. Thanks :D

  241. Agent Tee

    Dead island riptide~! tale of two brothers as well be nice~! my bday is on the 20th :)

  242. EGC-Hrolfur23

    Chivalry please, so i can play with my clan mates :D

  243. Anjel

    The Walking Dead: Season 2

    Season 1 and 400 Days were both awesome!

  244. wendt

    I would like to get Left 4 Dead 2. Left 4 Dead is my fave game,The Walking Dead is fave TV Show now. Im thinking i like to kill zombies :) Wanna play it with amazing community of steam!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  245. KappaIgnos

    I want Left 4 Dead 2 because i am a hardcore fan of the series i have almost all the comics of the series (i just missed 3 of them)
    i have the walking dead survival instinct for x box 360, and the walkind dead and 400 days on steam, i played it all ways possibles like a good guy or an ass hole, just to see the characters developments

    the reason that i really liked the game was because i loved clementine in the first season so much, because she is in some ways like my daughter, innocent and kind, if you guys could let me win the walking dead season 2 i would be very happy and trust me that no one is going to play and enjoy that game like myself tnx for the opportunity

  246. Zabaton5

    I have heard so much about Left 4 Dead 2, I’m ‘dieing’ to try it.

  247. Jaay Dee

    I would like Arkham City. Thank you!

  248. Bloub

    If I win, I would like to recieve Chivalry.

    Thank you

  249. Fullpain

    I want Left 4 Dead 2 because im crazy about the game and all zombie games :D

  250. icezebra

    Dead island riptide,walking dead season 2 or brothers would be nice :D

  251. ellegi_ninja

    I would like the Walking Dead Season 2 because the first game is easily on my top five list of best game and I believe S2 can even be better. Cheers for all the giveaways aswell.

  252. Whoritiquisha

    either DEAD ISLAND, or LEFT 4 DEAD 2 :D <3 i love you and i hope your children have Normaly shaped heads

  253. Bratan

    Dead island please

  254. Syfer

    Left 4 Dead 2
    I am the only one of my friends who hasn’t it

  255. Noodle

    Definitely The Walking Dead: Season 2! It’s hardly even a question ;) Thanks

  256. Atlas

    I would love The Walking Dead: Season 2. I love the comic and TV of The Walking Dead, and the game of The Walking Dead is so great too.

  257. Wilhelm Macharius

    I would love Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons because the graphics look amazing and I like the story :)

  258. Diaz

    Sins of a Soar Empire! Many people have suggested the game to me, and I have been meaning to give it a try!

  259. mh_kiyoshi

    I want Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, maybe the best indie game of the year

  260. Antagonist

    I think MacGuffin’s Curse looks pretty good. Its a lot different to the other games in the list, and I tend to like puzzley games with a sense of humour, so this seems right up my alley! :D

  261. Eoxie

    Wow! Awesome giveaways here! The Walking Dead <3 It's just too amazing of a game to pass up on. I really recommend it to everyone. It offers a different slice of the cake from both the comic and TV show, so if maybe the show wasn't quite to your liking, the game might be :)

  262. Undertaker01

    If i win i choose Dead Island Riptide. I have the first game and like it very much.

  263. Paulinho

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity
    I really like the franchise.

    Thank you!

  264. gohan16ken

    Dead Island Riptide

  265. Soyhumano

    Dead Island Riptide, since I loved the first game.

  266. PWKL Gungner


    Need some more FPS on my library and I love the style.

  267. RayoX

    Chivalry medieval warfare :D

  268. SuPeR-LEGEND

    Left4Dead 2 for sure
    it’s even in my wishlist :P

  269. E Chief

    Chivalry :)

  270. kinrpg

    Very good games

  271. Le Maxx

    I want Chivalry or Dead Island Riptide

  272. FramerX

    I want D.Iand Riptide and The Walking Dead Ss2 becuase i want to see about story of Walking Dead

  273. Ishaque12

    Please get me Left4Dead2 because Left4Dead2 has left me dead without it :)

  274. Ishaque12

    Please get me Arkham City GOTY because i’m dying to be The Batman :)

  275. Grafos

    Brothers, have my eye on this one since it came out

  276. McSketchy

    Two Brothers, I want to check out this new game mechanic.

  277. Tube City - Salt Peanuts

    The Walking Dead- Season 2! Huge fan of the comic, show and the previous season 1 game from Telltale. Just bought the 400 days DLC and getting myself ready for Season 2!

  278. TDRCDrPersona4

    The Walking Dead Season 2…..because the first one was SO amazing! Truly an excellent adventure game full of emotion, atmosphere, and intrigue….I really need to finish the rest of it haha. The new season is shaping up to be equally good too. I’d love it! ^_^


  279. zividan97

    I want The Walking Dead Season 2, because season 1 was super awsome!

  280. OptoNick

    Walking Dead Season 2, I’m coming!

  281. SUICIDE

    I want Left 4 Dead 2

  282. leonidas

    i want chivalry or the walking dead season 2 and thx for the chances

  283. Maksiu

    Game to win: The Walking Dead Season 2
    Why: First season was awesome :D

  284. randykaskuser

    i wan left 4 dead 2, i never play this game on steam. and i want try multiplayer game :D

  285. Xakkar

    I want Dead Island Riptide

  286. ark

    Definitely wanna win the Walking Dead Season 2 cause i loved the Season 1, it’s one of my favorites games! And I really wanna know what will happen to Clementine! :D

  287. Emilo PL

    I really want to win Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

  288. ZAN0ZA

    Batman Arkham City

  289. spade

    Would be very happy about The Walkging Dead Season 2 =) The first Season (and 400 Days) was great and I’d like to continue the story =)

  290. Aliquis

    I pick The walking dead season 2 for the game I want.

    If it’s only one game of each then I would rather pick Sins of a Solar empire for a better chance to win. So if that would be ok to do so do it.

  291. BONASSI

    I want Left 4 Dead 2 good game

  292. .:Lucky:.™ (Post author)

    Winners will be selected later today, Those that win will receive the game via email. You will have 1 week to redeem or it will be re-rolled.

  293. Zabba

    I want Left for Dead 2, Please. :)

  294. BRuNo

    I always wanted to play: Dead Island

  295. Deaf Khan

    Dead Island Riptide is the best, nice game action.
    thank you.

  296. .:Lucky:.™ (Post author)

    The drawing is closed and the winners have been randomly selected, Congrats to those that won. The steam game will be steam gifted to your emails. So keep an eye out. To those that did not win, we will have many more opportunities to win!

    You have one week to claim your prize or it will be re-rolled.

  297. randykaskuser

    how to know the winers?

  298. jomarcenter

    I won in this contest.

  299. CoolBeans777

    Thanks for the chance, man. Appreciate it.

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