Lucky New Years Steamy 2014 Contest! (contest ended)

Hello everyone! It’s Lucky here and get ready for a New years extravaganza contest!

We have a grand total of 19 steam games up for grabs.

All you need to do is enter via rafflecopter, and to be eligible post what game you want to win and your New years resolution in the comments via picture. Be creative and show us what your New years resolution is!!

Contest will end on New Years day, so get in while you can.


  • Too make sure everyone knows what to do here are the rules.
  • Enter with rafflecopter, Then post a comment telling us what game you want and then using whatever means you want,be it photoshop/mspaint or other means, post a picture showing us what your New years resolution is.

Contest has now ended, winners are!!!

Kivan G
Jari K
Miloš B
Steven C
Luis H
Aunder R
Konstantin Z
Henry Z
Greg P
Dillion V
Tamara K
Salman S
Máté S
Nate T

Congratulations, you won in the SteamContests Lucky New Years contest!
Have fun.

You have 1 week to redeem your prize or it will be re-rolled.
Prizes sent out to winners emails.
Steam servers are down at the moment, you’ll get your gift by the end of the day at the least. Congrats again to the winners!

Winners be randomly selected after the raffle ends via rafflecopter.

All prizes are Steam gifts and will be sent out to the winners emails, you have 1 week to redeem or a new winner will be chosen.