Lucky New Years Steamy 2014 Contest! (contest ended)

Hello everyone! It’s Lucky here and get ready for a New years extravaganza contest!

We have a grand total of 19 steam games up for grabs.

All you need to do is enter via rafflecopter, and to be eligible post what game you want to win and your New years resolution in the comments via picture. Be creative and show us what your New years resolution is!!

Contest will end on New Years day, so get in while you can.


  • Too make sure everyone knows what to do here are the rules.
  • Enter with rafflecopter, Then post a comment telling us what game you want and then using whatever means you want,be it photoshop/mspaint or other means, post a picture showing us what your New years resolution is.

Contest has now ended, winners are!!!

Kivan G
Jari K
Miloš B
Steven C
Luis H
Aunder R
Konstantin Z
Henry Z
Greg P
Dillion V
Tamara K
Salman S
Máté S
Nate T

Congratulations, you won in the SteamContests Lucky New Years contest!
Have fun.

You have 1 week to redeem your prize or it will be re-rolled.
Prizes sent out to winners emails.
Steam servers are down at the moment, you’ll get your gift by the end of the day at the least. Congrats again to the winners!

Winners be randomly selected after the raffle ends via rafflecopter.

All prizes are Steam gifts and will be sent out to the winners emails, you have 1 week to redeem or a new winner will be chosen.


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243 Comments on "Lucky New Years Steamy 2014 Contest! (contest ended)"

  1. MartinRivasAcosta | December 27 at 8:41 pm |

    I would like to win Starbound.
    My new year’s resolution is making a videogame (today I made the first sprite for it).
    And this image sums up what I think quite nicely:

  2. I would like to get Dragon Age Origins!
    My new year’s resolution is to get a job 😀

  3. Metro Last Light :) cuz i run linux :)

  4. Thanks, I would love Ironclad Tactics.
    My resolution:

  5. I really want Metro Last Light.

  6. I would like Starbound D:
    Thanks for always making this gioveaways! D: Happy Holidays! D:

    My new year resolution is to keep gaming D:

  7. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine
    Because… yes.

  8. I would like Dishonered.

    My New Year’s resolution is to create a proper budget, so I can spend money on things I can enjoy instead of living month to month.

  9. I would like to win Starbound, Metro Last Light

  10. I would like to win DisHonored

    My new year’s resolution is to be a better person

  11. Dragon Age Ultimate please;)

  12. My game of choice is definitely DISHONORED.

    My new year’s resolution? Collect more games like this guy!!!

  13. I would quite enjoy Starbound!

    My new years resolution is to give more to charity.

  14. I would like to win Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    My new years resolution is to learn how to code because since i was a kid i always wanted to learn how to code because i thought it was easy and fun but now i know it is some pretty hard work 😛 Luckily i know a friend that knows how to code and he said he is willing to teach me because his new years resolution is to help people more.

    Thanks for the giveaway 😀

  15. Starbound looks really fun from what I’ve seen :)

    For this upcoming year, I’d like to swim again because I haven’t for many years. I hope I remember how to! I also would very much like to get involved with some research opportunities at my school

    Cheers and happy new year!

  16. Dishonored (Or as a secondary Choice, Metro : Last Light)

    New Year’s Resolution: Live Healthier.

    A representative image? If we aren’t required to make one ourselves, this one seems representative enough:

  17. I would like Metro Last Light

  18. I would like to have dragon age or starbound

  19. I would like a chance at Starbound
    I don’t believe in New Years resolutions so I think this image fits.

  20. Metro Last light,
    i’ll kill more mutants in 2014 😉

  21. I would really like Dishonored if I won :)
    My new years resolution is to stop buying and entering giveaways for games, and use that time to play and finish the ones I’ve got…
    I guess this sums up how I feel about Gaben’s deals…but I must stop to pay for my university…×556.jpg

  22. I’d love to win The Darkness II and I have no resolutions for the new year.

  23. Starbound would be a neat game to get.

    My new year resolution would be to get a computer repair degree.

  24. Darkness II
    My new years resolution is to finish half the games in my backlog.

  25. I want to have CounterStrike:GO. We have to defuse the fireworks

  26. thanks for giveaway, Dishonored

  27. i hope i can try metro LL XD
    thank you so much

  28. I want CS:GO or Dragon AGe if possible :)

  29. I would love Dishonored. I’ve wanted it for a long time.

    My new years resolution is to finish my research! Basic stuff in the picture, but no longer, now delving into pi-calculus and modeling parallel systems.

  30. Winning Dishonored or Metro would be awesome! Thanks for the chance

  31. Dishonored would be fun! I don’t really do resolutions :(

  32. I would choose Starbound.

    As for my resolve, it’s to start a new year with a new job.

    Thanks for being so generous SC, all the respect goes to you. :)

  33. I would like Counterstrike: Global Offensive. My New Year’s resolution is to Start exercising so I can be buff.

  34. I’d like to win Metro Last Light. New year resolution is to lose some weight.

  35. I would like to get Metro Last Ligt or Starbound
    My new year’s resolution is to be a good person

  36. Dragon Age =D!
    That would be so awesome.
    Happy New year everyone!

  37. Metro Last night

    I guess the picture speaks for itself.

  38. Starbound. New year resolutions? Don’t have any.

  39. i want to win starbound~~
    my new year resolution picture is a new gaming computer~~~~

  40. I’d like to win a “Starbound”.
    becasue, I just got “Terraria”, and I want to review both games.
    Focus on Similarity and Difference.

    and my new year will be like this. Surviving. :(

  41. really wanna win Starbound game.
    new year resolution? get part-time job (its not easy in my country) and start a small design group with my classmates.we were plannin for this for quite some time.
    now that time has come.
    ty and peace.

  42. new year res: will expand my work

  43. If given a chance, I would select Dishonored to be mine, out of these. This Game really deserves to be everyone’s choice.
    Thank you for the chance. :)
    Hoping to win for a change.

  44. I would like Dragon Age Unlimited!

    My new years res is to have more adventures! I want to get out and explore

  45. I want to win Starbound!
    My New year’s resolution is

  46. The game I’d like to win, Metro Last Light.
    Actually i don’t have a new years resolution,from past experience
    i have learned that,the more i think of getting something done the less
    i get it done.
    So i have stopped making near years resolution(thinking of getting this or that done) and actually just do what i should do.

  47. i want Starbound Or Just cause 2 Or Counter Strike GO 😀

  48. What eva it is.. East or West.. Just Cause 2 Is the best! I really wanna win that big game!
    This is my desktop and My new years resolution is to have more fun games and the best ever reloaded games of the nest era.. Also love to have some fun multiplayer games. Hope this will happen soon and will be the most fantastic gaming era next year! Wanna be a more extreme Pro- Gamer!

    The link:

    thank You!!!

  49. Metro Last Light :) cuz i run linux :) too

  50. I would love for Starbound.
    My new year’s resolution is to get a job and quit smoking.

  51. I’d like to win Starbound.

    In the next year, I’ll rule the world, Hahahahaha….

  52. My new year resolution is hoping this come true:
    So I can play METRO: LAST LIGHT I won from this giveaway all day long.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  53. CS GO
    My new year resolution would be…

  54. I am in for Dragon Age.

    My New Years resolution is to finally beat GTA V

  55. I would like Metro last Light. About the resolution here: :)

  56. Tomb Raider: Underworld
    That’s my New Year resolution – 😉

  57. Would like Godmode!!
    My new year resolution – have a —

  58. I would like Tomb Raider. And I don’t need a new years resolution, never have never will.

  59. Solo quiero ser popular, bueno la verdad si quiero Starbound *¬*

  60. I wish Dishonored.
    Happy New Year!

  61. Dishonored would be awesome!

    And my wish is to get a good job :}

  62. I want game Darkness II

    My Resolutions for year 2014 are:

    Once again many many thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  63. Would dig me some Starbound

  64. I would like to get Dragon Age Origins.
    Happy Holidays!

  65. Dragon Age: Origins! Happy Holidays!

  66. I would like to win Just Cause 2
    My New Years Resolution:

  67. I’m very interested in starbound.
    In any case thanks for the giveaeway

  68. I want Dragon Age if it is possible 😀

    My new year resolution is Getting a pc like this ! Good luck to Everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

  69. thanks and happy new year :) (⌒▽⌒)/゜・:*

  70. Although I know there is a small chance to win the most wanted game, I choose Metro: Last Light.

    Resolution? Well, I wanna leave my current home and get a new flat

    aunderrednua + -=Bee=- I lol’d.

  71. I would like to win Dragon Age
    My new year resolution is to start studying, this is me when i get told to go study:

  72. I would love Dishonored been curious bout it for long time.
    And my new year’s resolution is to workout a lot like him

  73. I want Game Daev Tycoon ) Thanks

  74. Starbound…
    My res is to find more time to game on steam!

  75. I would like Dishonered
    My new year’s resolution is to get a job

  76. I would like to win Metro LL or Starbound. As for my new year resolution, I would like the will to quit smoking.

  77. Dishonored
    My new year’s resolution is to get a job

  78. I would like Dead Space 2. And my new year’s resolution is related to Dark Souls!
    I’d like to start the game and actually be able to finish it!

  79. Starbound
    Getting better grades.

  80. I want to win Starbound , my new years resolution is too get my first own Home

  81. Dragon age origins,thanks 😀

  82. Thanks for keeping it Steamy :P. Really would like Dragon Age origins.

  83. Metro Last Light.
    New Years Resolution is look take better care of my friends.

    hah! 😀

  84. I want Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition! My new year’s resolution is to graduate from college!

  85. I’d love to win Metro: Last Light. My resolution? I’m an aspiring writer, so…

  86. I would like Dragon Age.
    My New Years Resolution is keep studying

  87. I want to win dead space
    My new year’s resolution is to spend more time with my family

  88. I would like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
    My new year’s resolution is to be a outstanding GAMER!!

  89. Starbound. :)

    My new year’s resolutions are: buy a house, more money, keep nice with my gf, more cats, travel more and get things done.

  90. I would love to win Dead Space 2.

    My New Year’s resolution is to

  91. I would like Dishonered

  92. Muy buen concurso espero ganar

  93. I would love to win darkness 2

  94. First, my New Year’s resolutin is to be a better person and help people who are not so lucky.
    Second i would love to win/play Starbound.
    And in the end i would like to thank you for this aweasome giveaways.

  95. I’d like starbound
    resolution: finally watch fringe

  96. Starbound, If not…. Well….. Guncraft

  97. Forget it…… I don’t have a resolution for this new year

  98. I wana win Just Cause 2 and my new year resolution is to ceep it calm and not get angry about maenless stuff

  99. I would like Starbound
    My new year resolution:

  100. I’d like to get Ironclad Tactics.

  101. I would love Just Cause 2. Why? Just cause.

  102. I want to win Starbound.

  103. Metro Last Light so I can test my new PC 😀 and new year resolution is to finish more games than in 2013 ( )

  104. Starbound
    My New Years resolution is to be happy

  105. Hello Steam,
    I would like one of these games, any one.
    I do not have much money and I can not afford.
    Having one of these would be the best for me.
    Thank you,

  106. I would love to get on Dragon Age Origins.

    My new year resolution is to build a house. Nothing fancy, but something that my family will be able to call home.
    Something like this:

  107. i hope to win dead space 2

  108. I would like to win Just Cause 2.
    Thank you!
    ^My new years resolution (I got a few)

  109. I would like to win starbound,garry’s mod or darkness 2
    My New Years resolution is

  110. I would like to have Starbound!
    My New Years resolution is to reduce my backlog, to finish a few games for once 😀

  111. I’d like to win Ironclad Tactics

    My New Years resolution:

  112. I would like to win
    1. Starbound
    2.Metro Last Night

    My resoulition is to loose weight 😀

  113. I would like to win:
    a) Dishonored
    b) Metro: Last Light)
    c) Darkness II
    I don’t have a resolution for this new year

  114. I would love to win Starbound!

  115. I would like to win Just Cause 2 or Dead Space 2, thank you!
    My new years resolution is to stop being lazy and do something creative!

  116. STARBOUND! Im craving for that one!

    or counter strike.

    Theres no better image to sum up my resolution for 2014:

  117. I’d like Starbound

    also I’d like to be more yolo in 2014

  118. I always fancied METRO And Gun Craft>>>> :-{=

    I resolve to stop making resolutions…. Because I have been just fooling my self all these years…

  119. I would love to win Metro Last Light.
    My new years resolution (thanks to an amazing gift) is 1920×1080. :)

  120. I’d like Dishonored

    My resolution… hmmm not really sure. Any I have set in the past I have not been able to keep for one reason or another. I suppose just to be more giving then I already have been.

  121. i’d love ironclad tactics
    as for my resolution its to stop doing this every time i see a game or new piece of technology that interests me

  122. Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition

    2014 Resolutions:

  123. I would love to win Metro: Last Light! Thank you so much for all you guys do!

    As for my New Year’s Resolution, I intend on not playing as many games as I used too. Ironic, I know. Alas, my quest for productivity is green for go!

  124. I would like Starbound.
    My resolution is just to be a better person in general. Take interests in others and giving a positive vibe :)

  125. My new years eve resolution is to either get a job as the check out person at, to be the delivery boy at or just to do lots of jobs for people who live in the neighborhood doing my own business of garden work and helping people with their technology that has broken because I am really good at fixing electronics and even wooden items.

    The game I would like is called Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition

  126. Ace of Spades Please.
    My resolution is to continue workout and attract all the ladies =p

  127. One day, I want to be on the other side, being the person giving out these free games. But seriously, where in the world do people get so many games?
    I’d appreciate just about any game, but I’d really enjoy Counter Strike Global Offensive.

  128. I would love to win Starbound!

    My New Year’s resolution is to run more so that I can be in better physical health.

  129. I woul like to win Starbound.
    At the moment I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution, its a bit difficult.
    Wish you all a happy new year and thank you for the giveaway.

  130. I’d like to win Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition.

    My New Years goal is to get my life (and financial budget) balanced –×458.jpg

  131. I’d like to win Dishonored!

    My new years resolution is to spend time with my friends :

  132. I’d LOVE to win DayZ. But since you guys aren’t giving it away, I’d guess I can go with CS:GO.

    My actual new years resolution is to continue to enjoy life. Because one day we are here, next day we aren’t. One of the things I enjoy is photoshop even though I am not the best at it, I still want to get better.
    Here’s a piece I put together within 30 minutes or so just then. It’s a collage of game characters that I have met through the magic of gaming.
    One (wallpaper size) image with a filter and the same without (you can see the mistakes I’ve made without the filter much more clearly).

  133. I would like to win CS:GO.
    My new year goal is to be happy with my family

  134. Metro last ligh!!!
    New year resolution?!!? Able to give everything my little daughter wants, and she isn’t spoiled, just innocent :)

  135. I like to win starbound
    my new year resolution its to change myself into the man i alawys want to be.

  136. I would like to win Dead Space 2.
    My New Years resolution is to take off all the weight i gained this winter –

  137. Metro last ligth

  138. Thank you for the giveaway. I’d love a copy of Starbound (or DS2, which ever one’s left).

    And here’s my resolution (in mspaint form):

  139. I would like to win Darkness II.
    My New Year’s resolution: find the future wife and start a family

  140. Thanks for the chance! I’m looking for Dead Space 2, or Metro Lastlight, or Dishonored, or… Actually all of the games except Tomb Raider which I already own. My humble new year resolution is to find a job. I’m fresh graduated.

  141. Hi!

    I’d be very happy to win Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Starbound. Both would be great, but, ofc, I don’t request both. 😛

    My New Year’s resolution: Start programming, seriously. The world needs my game ideas. 😀

  142. I would love to win surgeon simulator 2013

    My New Year’s Resolution is to win more giveaway :DD

  143. I would like to win Starbound.
    My new year resolution is going to live with my dad :)

  144. thanks for the chance, i would like to get ironclad or hot line miami

  145. Good luck everyone but Starbound is mine

  146. I would really like to win either Dishonored or Dragon Age Origins.
    My new years’ resolution is to move out of my parents house, lol.

  147. Would love Dishonored! :3
    My new years resolution is to get a job, experience something new in my life.

  148. I would like to win Dragon Age Origins.
    As for my resolution it will be to end my internship and with it getting my masters degree!

  149. I want Dead Space 2
    My New years resolution is to finish my university exams!

  150. I want Counter Strike: Global Offensive. :)
    My new year resolution get a girlfriend who would do this with me while playing games :):

  151. I’d like Dragon Age! (Second Choice Dead Space 2)
    My New years resolution:

  152. Starbound is game I want and my New Years resolution is:

  153. i would like to win Garry’s mod…
    My new year resolution: BEING THE BEST!!!

  154. I’d love to have Starbound.
    Also my New Yars resolution is at least to buy a new pc, as my old one is broken and I have to use a netbook now :\

  155. I realy, realy want Just Cause2. I hope that Santa Claus did not forget about me and visit me in spite of late.

    My New Years resolution is:

  156. Metro Last Light is cool!

  157. I want Dishonored, it’s pretty cool!

    My new years resolution is to save money and spent it all the stuff I want…

    pygii bnk pls

  158. Counter Strike GO Will be perfect even if i don’t have lots of hope in my luck x)

    This is my new year resolution as usual

  159. Metro: Last Light.
    My new year’s resolution is to create a new band.

  160. Dead Space 2, because my girlfriend is beautiful :3

  161. Any would be nice, thanks!

  162. I want Ironclad Tactics because I’m a Linux gamer, but don’t really want FPS games.
    My new year resolution is: I want to get married

  163. I want Darkness 2 beacause i love this game, And my resolution is: My girlfriend does not kill me with all the games you buy from steam. xD

  164. I would like Metro: Last Light
    My New Year’s resolution is to become a better person 😉

  165. Thanks for the raffle!
    I’d like to win Starbound :)

    My new year resolution is this:

  166. Garry’s Mod

    My new year resolution is return to Campus Party Colombia 😀

  167. Happy New Year for Everyone!

    Dear rafflecopter.. if i win i could pick up

    Metro: Last Night

  168. Happy new year!

    Would like to get Ironclad Tactics if I manage to win and my resolution is the same as every year: (sorry for lack of skill in artistry)

  169. Happy new year!! 😀

    Dragon Age: Origins

  170. Metro Last Light will help me quit smokng!!

    Thanks for the chance :)

  171. Dead space or Garry’s mode would be cool for me, happy new year to all

  172. But we have this game . I would like Cs go :) I don`t have this game because i don`t win giveawys and i don`t have buy …

  173. I’d like to win either Game Dev Tycoon or Starboard. My resolution is to try and limit the money I spend during sales xD!
    Have a great new year everyone :3

  174. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine,
    i’ll play more games in 2014

  175. Happy New Year!
    Game Dev Tycoon would be really cool.
    With that in mind, for next year, I plan to improve my modeling abilities:

  176. Winners have been selected.

  177. Woo-hoo! Thx a lot!

  178. Thanks alot mate, dishonored redeemed and played for 3 hours already

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