Dev test raffle! -Frozen Hearth- (Ended)

Thanks to the good people at Epiphany Games we have 10 steam keys to giveaway for their steam released game Frozen Hearth, you can check out more about it at their official website

All you need to do is enter via raffle copter and then post a number between 0-1000 we will randomly generate numbers and the Rafflecopter entrant that chose the number closest to those randomly generated will win a steam key!


If you’d like to know more about the developers check them out on Facebook and Twitter too.

And the winners have been selected, those with the winning numbers are!!! -drumroll-
Aunder R – aunderrednua – 654
Jason M – Cheesepile – 717
Argiris S – Morrigan – 352
Rhonin M – Rhonin the wizard – 500
Alex D – Jiom – 444
Anton – Stubbs – 762
Jason – RadiantCookies – 726
Cool Beans777 – CoolBeans777 – 619
MichaΕ‚ J – Maikeru – 69
Salman S – cyber_flame – 979
Congratulations, you won in the SteamContests Frozen hearth contest!
Have fun.

Prizes sent out to winners emails.


Written by .:Lucky:.β„’

I am very lucky and have loads of luck!


  1. Ac3Da3m0n says:


  2. Cheesepile says:


    thanks for the chance!

  3. iii says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  4. oreoftw says:

    0411, thanks for the opportunity! πŸ˜€

  5. lorddarkness says:


  6. Ricky says:


    Good luck for all and tyvm

  7. CoolBeans777 says:

    I just had to. Hahah

  8. Ghost says:

    626 Thanks!

  9. 19

    Thanks for all of this. πŸ˜€

  10. kangarooster says:


  11. Winners have been selected.

  12. Agent G says:

    Crap! forgot to post a number! I entered the rafflecopter two days ago >_< Hope its not too late…


  13. CoolBeans777 says:

    Haha oh my God…Can’t believe I was actually one of the lucky few! Thank you so much! haha, gonna have a good time now.

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