Contagious Giveaway! (40 winners)

We have an absolutely epic giveaway for contagion, Developed by Monochrome LLC.

Thanks to the generous people down at Monochrome LLC we have 40! steam keys to give out to some lucky winners.

About the Game

Eugene, Marcus, and other Survivors return in the spiritual successor of the popular Half-Life 2 Modification Zombie Panic: Source!
Contagion is a cooperative survival horror FPS built on the latest Source Engine where players are forced to watch their ammo and aim carefully otherwise be overrun by the zombie hordes. Players will face traditional zombies as well as former teammates who have been turned themselves and where friend becomes foe fueling the carnage to come.


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Thanks everyone that entered, the winners will be contact by the end of the day, you will receive your key via email you used for rafflecopter or facebook login.


Also don’t forget to check out the Contagion Kickstarter at

It will be co-op zombie madness so tell your friends!

248 thoughts on “Contagious Giveaway! (40 winners)

  1. Too many under rated companys making have ass’ed “zombie survival games”. it would be awesome to play from a well trusted game engine especially source. I would love to play this. It even looks amazing from an alpha or beta stand point. Im sold. I wanna! :)

  2. I love source based games because they’re very easy to run hardware wise. Also the fact that ammo being scarce. Every modern zombie game give you unlimited or near unlimited ammo. I like the idea of conserving ammo by running away from zombies rather than kill everything that moves.

  3. Well, because I love me some zombie games, of course! =P

    I’m also always looking for a new zombie game to play, and this one certainly looks to be worthy of playing. Being that it is the spiritual successor of Zombie Panic: Source, it has me even more interested!

  4. i love zombie games esp playing with friends, sense of urgency trying to survive a never ending onslaught of relentless zombies is so much fun. also zombie panic was a great hl2 mod and i have high hopes for contagion as well

  5. Seems like a great expansion of the original Zombie Panic series which I’ve been a fan of since the GoldSrc modification. Does anyone remember the 0wned Clan? Good times.

  6. L4D got pretty stale after a couple of playthroughs and tons of monster closets. This game has finally brought something different for once without all the special type of infected.
    I also like the idea of conserving ammo by running away from zombies rather than kill everything that moves.

  7. Zombie games have been shitty these past few years, with all your laser guns and Call of Duty, it’s just not the same. For something as realistic as this coming out, especially from people experienced in not only zombie gaming but modding in Source, you know it’s gonna be good. It’s already showing in their work, I give my hope to them. It also sets up a pretty good scenario of a zombie apocalypse.

  8. I’m looking forward to this because A) source is one of my favorite engines and B) I miss classic survival horror elements like only being able to carry 4 items and not have them be of certain categories. :)

  9. What makes you excited for a source based zombie game?

    I’m happy that this game is source purely due to the fact that source is well optimised all-round engine. Other than that, I’m an avid follower of Zombie panic back in the HL1 days and would love to see how the game has come from HL1 to ZP:S and now contagion! Also, zombies get me all hot and bothered πŸ˜‰

  10. I have always loved ZPS and the way it worked on source engine, it’s a well optimised engine meaning even I can run games that use it and get high fps! Plus I loved the old barricading system in zps, and I’m hoping this will be implemented into contagion, not too bothered if they don’t as I couldn’t be more excited for this game πŸ˜€

  11. Also I don’t get the rafflecopter as I have signed in for steam on this part, but for the other part I cannot, so how will they know I have posted my comment? Haha πŸ˜€

  12. What im exited about is that i hhave been looking for a multiplayer zombie horror survival, ive tried many but this looks really awesome and i hope that i get a key. Otherwise great work on a great game and congrats on the 110 procent!

  13. There are quite a few good games and game mods made with the Source engine. It’s pretty good for FPS who don’t rely on overexaggerated grafics to sell.
    Also I’m a fan of the whole Zombie genre and being able to “turn” instead of playing simple man vs zombie mode is actually pretty unique.

  14. Im Excited for a newer and better version of ZP:S because, well i didnt really like that old game but this one looks awesome and being a zombie like how you can blend in n stuff its better than normal zombie games where being a zombie would normally suck. oh and its made with the source engine which makes it better πŸ˜€ and iv also been waiting a while for a good zombie game like this to come out….. this might be the new L4D! lol

  15. Its not often that you get a first person zombie shooter that is actually exciting and fearfull when it should be. Exceptions of this are L4D, L4D2, Zombie Panic: Source and of course, Contagion. Cannot wait for the release, keep up the good work. Thank you :)

  16. Ermagherd, ZOMBIEEEEES! I’m not only a fan of zombies, but the concept of this game sounds amazing, unlike other zombie survival games I’ve heard of and played. I’m sure at this point almost everyone has thought about what they would do while in a zombie apocalypse and this definitely seems like the game to practice in, haha. After watching the gameplay, I’m most definitely looking forward to play with others, get into the zone of needing to survive, and have that constant feeling of “TRUST NO ONE.” My friend and I even started making up random scenarios to prepare! πŸ˜€

  17. source games are always good quality and can always reach high fps when playing and are lots of fun to have friends over and have a lan party, also source games always get high meta scores and are enjoyable if you want to play solo and sneak around taking zombies out or play co-op with friends you can have fun either way.

  18. Excited cause it’s finally a slow paced zombie game i have always wanted, Contagion seems to do everything right and the game mode Hunted sounds just god damn awesome. No more Left 4 Dead, this is what we need.

  19. To be perfectly honest, what makes me most excited is the fact that I’ve played both Zombie Panic! And Zombie Panic: Source as a young kid and have had my first taste of multiplayer Zombie gaming. I fell in love and had never stopped referring back to those games.

    So when I heard about this, with an updated engine and amazing new features, I couldn’t help but feel that nostalgic excitement. Whether I get a key or not, I will be playing this game and I will be recruiting the old Zombie Panic crew.

  20. What makes you excited for a source based zombie game?

    Iv been following this game since day 1 and it is built on a trusted game engine! I just cant wait to play it, I funded Kickstarter and always spreading the word to my friends!

  21. What makes you excited for a source based zombie game?

    there are a lot of zombie indie games but with some low engines and no one tries this genre with the great source engine! I’m really agog about the final result!

  22. First of all its source based game and it will run smooth on my old PC. Second its creted from modders that maked Zombie Panic: Source. Not for the first time modders are making a qualit AAA game. Just look at Insurgency 2!

  23. Zombie survival games gives that special kind of survival challenge that no other genre can really give you, and one coming to the source engine looking the way it does really is amazing to me

  24. Zombie Panic=awesome

    So, Contagion can’t go wrong here. They are a proven team working with a proven engine, and doing what they have been doing for years.

    So there you have it, that’s my reason to get excited over Contagion, and I bet that’s the same reason for most of us.

  25. I don’t like to kill zombies,they’re looking like people.But I really enjoy zombie apocalypse’s atmosphere & dangerous zombies’ horde.I like ZP:S,& I’m a big fan of it because it makes me feel like in real apocalypse.Nowhere to hide,nowhere to run.Stick together or die.

  26. I remember when I first played Zombie panic source and how freaking scared I was, my brother showed me this game and I love it! I’m still playing it but seriously, it’s getting boring playing just one game only, need to try another zombie games πŸ˜› hope I’ll get the new game!!! to all of you good luck guys :)

  27. Because I love zombie games and because I like the ‘survival’ aspect of this game. Instead of just in guns blazing all the time, you have to conserve your ammo and think about how you’re going to execute your next move. Is it going to be sneaking by most of the zombies? Maybe you should try killing off as many as possible, in hopes that it won’t attract too much attention? Or are you just gonna make a run for it, wishing you’ll reach the other side while still breathing?

    Also, the fact that it’s the source engine just makes everything much better.

  28. What makes me excited about a source based zombie game? Well i absolutely loved left for dead and left for dead 2, and i really do believe that this game has a fighting chance at being way more fun than both of them combined, in the long run. I cant wait to play this game and possibly give a game to one of my friends somewhere across the world!

  29. The reason a source based zombie game has me excited is because i already love the source engine and what it is capable of. And i feel when i see people like you guys mold it so well to fit a concept or gametype, i get pretty excited. That, and there haven’t really been any good zombie games out recently. And from what i’ve seen, I feel you guys can pull it off.

  30. What makes you excited for a source based zombie game?

    I love Valve, most of the games I have by them. The first FPS I’ve played was Counter-Strike: Source and now I’m totally hooked. I would love to try Contagion, the game-play trailer was awesome! I am game (no pun intended) for more Source games. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. After seeing Vindictus, people really shouldn’t be surprised at what the Source engine can do. I really like the fact that you can slowly change due to infection. It’s kind of spooky!

  32. What makes me excited?

    Many things,source games are easy to run,the download is never too large,source has great physics properties and looks decent too.

    But the best things is the amount of work that goes into source games,the community is always pumping out great mods,maps and other great content and the developers are almost always patching and updating the game.

  33. L4D2 got pretty stale after a couple of playthroughs and tons of monster closets, this game has finally brought something different for once without all the special type of infections, the other thing is this game is a source engine based game and will run smooth on my older rig, so it looks very interesting πŸ˜‰

  34. Source is one of the most versatile game engines to date…take a look at Gmod it shows all of the engines possibilities through the addon system i believe that a source based zombie game is the best because the community will create content as well as plugins.

  35. I think it would be lovely to have a source-based zombie survival game! Also there could be nice things like items, workshop items/maps/.., community-matches and much more. And maybe there would be some mods too! By the way, hard survival, tons of zombies, lots of blood,… funny!

  36. You can never have too many zombie games. πŸ˜€

    Zombies are my favourite genre in games and movies and I always get real excited when I hear about a new release. Every game is better with zombies in it.

  37. Q: What makes you excited for a source based zombie game? A: I love the coop with a friends and when you can be infected, and you wanna survive at this contagion has any price, your life depends, it’s strong !

  38. I love Contagion because of his teamplay and gameplay , coop to survive was something that i liked in Zombie Panic : source , you see your friends desappears one by one and do the objectifs become harder and harder :3

    Your new project look really nice and detailed , i hope i’ll be choose , and good luck to everyone !

  39. I’ve been waiting forever to see what you guys would do after ZPS and from the previews this game has got me super excited. Keep it up guys I’m sure you’ll give us the best multiplayer zombie experience since ZPS!

  40. Because I want feel the post apocalyptic world with zombie. Everyone want to be a survivor in world full of zombie, in real life. That’s why I play in zombie games.

  41. I just like the Zombie theme in game/movies, and it will be too great to see this game here on sales, in Steam :) I will be happy, if i got this game, because many times played the first Zombie Panic Source, and already loved that game from this developer :)

  42. To be honist I havn’t had much experience with a source mod zombie game and I am super excited to play it! I have been telling all of my friends about Contagion and been trying to get as many of them to help fund so we can all play together and then try to fuck eachother over when we die.

  43. I just hope to play a zombie game that doesn’t feel like another generic shooter and one that actually transitions the losing team to zombies. I hope to get that creepy feeling again when you realize you’re low on ammo, you don’t hear from the 8 or so survivors you started with, and you’re not following the exact same path like other games

  44. I am excited for a zombie game like this on the source engine because I have always loved the source engine, how it’s not laggy for me, how the engine is very moddable, I just love pretty much everything about it. That is why I am very excited to see a game like this on the Source Engine.

  45. I have a very strong affinity for Source based games, as while I stay on top of gaming hardware, many people do not, or can not, and Source based games are very accessible, regardless of your setup, helping to ensure that great games always have strong userbases.

  46. Q: What makes you excited for a source based zombie game?
    In order of importance
    1: Consistent mouse sensitivity/acceleration/raw input options
    2: Tight character movement
    3: Access to steam commands

  47. As a enthusiast of zombie/mutation/bio related games, which are still in the golden age of developing and gaining a big threshold of players, I’d like to try this new game. Probably because incorporates a twist where survivors are expected to survive by killing each other for dominance over supplies and remaining resources(based on a probable reality). Other then that source-based games were always the breeding ground for zombie originated games. Examples vary from zombie master (strategy type) to left 4 dead saga. And personally I hand out full support to the contagion developers doing a different style for a zombie game.
    Thank you for reading.

  48. O.k here is my story, i have been playing counter-strike since it was half-life: counter-strike and played all the continuous updated versions of cs, when counter-strike source came it, it was the best game i had experienced at that time, with the great amount of physics in it and the way it looked compared to previous versions. This opened my eyes to the source engine and every game that has been created using this engine i have either played or kept a close eye on because i just love this engine, and to hear that you guys are making an actual zombie survival coop game, it just blew my mind. When i first heard about this i was super excited and i still am. I feel like this game is going to be a good game changer for most of the zombie games out there. It takes us back a step to the original zombies where they were slower and a whole lot more dangerous in packs. Also having to keep a close eye on the conservation of ammo is another great feature that most of the zombie survival games tend to ignore since most of them you seem to have endless supplies of ammo. So what i am saying is i’m extremely looking forward to this game because it will provide a zombie game that is actually challenging and you will have a different experience every time you play it.

    Thank you guys for creating this game, it is going to be great, and i wish you luck on all your stretch goals on kickstarter, i will bring as much support your way as i can.

    Alex Woodbury-Monda

  49. Well 1, Source has awesome ragdoll physics; Two, it looks great; and three, the maps and mechanics/features offered in this game are something I’ve been looking for in a game for a very long time, but never really executed it well.

  50. A source game is a easy way to run a game without complication, but what exite me the most, in a zombie game, is the thrill you have when zombie are running behind you and you don’t want to return.

  51. Why am I excited for a Source-based zombie game…

    Well, truth to be told, it’s hard to be excited. We’ve seen a lot and some of have been interesting, some haven’t been. None really felt innovative, immersive, or engaging enough to hold my attention unfortunately. They’ve felt too arcade-y, small-scale, and didn’t give me a sense of survival and maybe some genuine unease and tension. This partly added up to why I found no initial interest in Contagion. Zombie Panic was fun, but it still felt arcade-y. However, in a recent viewing of the game I found myself a bit surprised in how some Left 4 Dead-style mechanics can be turned into something a bit more slow-paced, intense, and immersive. I now find myself a bit excited for this project and I’m curious more to how it’ll evolve.

    Regarding the Source engine though? Personally I think we’ve seen its’ peak a long time ago and it’s starting to stagnate because of its’ limitations, but I believe if someone can work around the engine’s limitations to their advantage to deliver an engaging zombie survival experience, then I’ll happily take another trip in the old engine. I want to believe Contagion is that game, and I’m anxious to try it and see if it’ll surprise me and tell me the engine still has a few years left in it, as well as being shown that there can be more slower-paced and intense zombie games out there.

    If you guys at Monochrome can prove that you can make a good clash of Left 4 Dead mixed with DayZ, then I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  52. source based zombie games have . . . a certain, awesomeness to Mainly because they can be really fun at times and sometimes can be really freaky in a way. Also that the creators can make the source game how they want it, and try to make it separate from all the other games, and make it an individualized game. Looking forward to contagion coming out (hopefully get a key, but if not o well). But it does look exiting.

  53. Wow this is awsome iv’e been folowing the devs and the Game for quite a long time,and im so excited to finaly see this game ready and this giveaway is really nice it will help spread the word about it,not to mention my friends can’t wait too, after ive shown them and told how unique is this zombie game,i got my pledge on kickstarter already but would be neat if i’l can get a key to give it to my friend who currently don’t have the money,but anyway i might eventualy buy it for him πŸ˜€ because this game is amazingly fun playng with friends.

  54. What makes you excited for a source based zombie game?

    Well, I always enjoyed that kind of games and when it comes to source engine, when I really enjoy CS Source cuz of this engine Im somehow sure that it’ll be a successful production, looking forward! :)

  55. I do Let’s Plays of survival horror games on my YouTube channel and this game would open up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Kinda like The Hidden: Source which I have yet to record on :)

  56. What makes you excited for a source based zombie game?

    i love zombie games and i still like the source based engine bc it is very smooth even on older pc’s, i played some zombie games and would love to try this one too, so thats why i joined in here and try my lucky zombie luck!

  57. I played the first Zombie Panic mod, the one for half-life when I was a child (Like, 7 or 8 years old) Then a while later Zombie Panic Source came out in Beta in 2008 when I was a teenager (I was 13 at the time) I had a blast playing those games as a child, and I still do have a blast playing those games now that I’m -way- older. I had sooo many memorable moments from the previous games that I daresay that those mods were THE games of my childhood. When I heard of the creators of the Zombie Panic mods I was VERY excited for the game, so I just HAD to support them in any way I can.

  58. Modifications of half life were the first games i played on pc.
    i really like them since that and i actually like everything that is made with the Valve engines. :)
    Source is a good engine. Looks nice and doesn’t need a hight pc configuration. :)

  59. I have to say I’m excited for your zombie game because you have added some awesome features. For one finally give us a reason for going to point A to B saving people. Also you are letting us become regular zombies to infect others I mean good lord who wouldn’t love this. I for one can’t wait for your game to launch great timing during the Halloween month LOVE IT!

  60. The fact that it is resource management and survival game, is the real reason I am enthusiastic about Contagious. I don’t really care about the engine as long as the team has done well with the resources at hand. And that’s what it looks like.
    … By the way, love the voice actor in the trailer.

  61. I’m sure that with source engine the zombie game will be played smoothly, and with good physics, good graphics, good AI, and will be awesome to play online! A good graphics zombie game with the possibility to play it online MUST be THAT great!

  62. I have been looking for a good zombie game after I played the Resident Evil games. And because I already have Half Life Source installation will be easy. Plus the Gmod Zombie game isn’t that great πŸ˜›

  63. What makes me excited… The telekinesis that comes with Source πŸ˜€
    Steamworks and mods too. And the physics, don’t forget that. Graphics are great too, which to me is a bit wasted on TF2

  64. I love zombie games but there are very few good ones out there. Some of the best zombie games are L4D and ZPS and both are run on source engine so I think contagion will probably be one of the best zombie games out there so far because I can rely on source engine to give the best online experience I can ask for from this game.

  65. Why would I like another Zombie game made from Source? Because I recentl got into the Zombie/survival game genre, if you can call it that, through State of Decay and The Dead Linger. I’d like to experience more.

  66. Thanks everyone that entered, the winners will be contact by the end of the day, you will receive your key via email you used for rafflecopter or facebook login.

    Keep it locked another Devtest and a Lucky contest soon!

  67. I think I didn’t win a key.I feel myself dead.I was watching ”TatsurO” channel trying to get a key.I failed.Now it seems I failed again & didn’t win a key.I won’t be able to buy it in the future(If it will cost money.).I think I could not play it anyway.Good luck to beta-testers & Monochrome LLC.It’s not your fault that I’m a loser.So,”Keep testing” & have a nice day.

  68. Ah i played the game today. i love how its more hard. zombies are slow but they can kill you easly. i love how they manage to make the atmosphere of the game so creepy. and the sounds of the zombies too. at first i was playing the police station level and i must say its impresive. you need to explore all the rooms sop you can find the right path and take the keys, open the doors. its just impresive. second i played the versus mode. not sure whats the game mode (hunted) i think but was only 4 player there and it was hard to find somebody. the only downside now its the game is not very optimized. it needed 10 min only to load the game and my pc was going crazy. not sure if its memory leaking or something else but it was very bad. hopefully they will fix that after all its in a beta stage now :)

      1. well mine pc is having 2 gigs of ram. and im closing all othere apps. even explorer.exe to be sure. maybe the games is having some memory leaking im not usre but its just not right. left 4 dead 2 and cs:go dont have thos problems. maybe its just becouse a beta and its not optimized yet… one dev say the they will improve the loading time in the future.

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